Synagogues of Mantua

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During the Renaissance period there were six synagogues in Mantua, three followed the Italian rite, and three the German rite: Scola Grande (built in 1537); Scola Norsa Torazzo (founded in 1513); Scola Cases (founded in 1590); Scuola Beccaria (founded in 1595); Scuola Porto (founded in 1540); and Scola Ostiglia (founded in 1558).
In addition, there were three private Synagogues.
All these synagogues were demolished at the end of the 19th century.
The only synagogue in Mantua today is the Norsa Torrazzo, which was rebuilt on a different site and refurbished with the original 18th century furniture and decorations. It still houses the Jewish community.

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Scola Grande

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Scola Norsa

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Federico Gonzaga of Mantua grants permission for the establishment of the Synagogue de Porto. 1540
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