Inscriptions on the Doors of the Mantua/Sermide Ark
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The Unique Hymn on the Mantua Torah Ark
This short, unique hymn about the Ten Commandments is dated no earlier than the 16th century. In Italy, many hymns were created for local events or specifically to be used in the synagogue. Therefore, it's most likely that the hymn was created specially, as an inscription for the Holy Ark. The song is divided into twelve verses, each verse containing two lines.
The pairs of lines seems to be Spanish Hebrew monorhyme distichs (a distich is a two lines verse ). The first line of each verse doesn't rhyme with other lines in the verse, nor with the first lines of the other verses, while the second lines all end with the rhyme "el".

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Thou shalt not kill, for
there is no man without an avenger
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Arise, hear wisdom and know
the ten commandments god spoke to us
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Thou shalt not commit adultery with an impure woman
and with their food- thou shalt not unclean yourself
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I am thy god who took thy
from Egypt, a people chosen by God
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Thou shalt not steal a soul nor the fortune of another
For the cry will be heard
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Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image nor
bow to it, for there's no equal to God
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Thou shalt not covet the home and wife of thou neighbour
nor his ox nor his slave
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[The name of God] Thou shalt not take in vain, for
those who shall- Shalt not be acquitted
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Thou shalt not bear false witness, for no success
is there for a liar against god
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Sabbath is Holy, a sign of creation
Freedom from enslavement through god's hand
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Thou shall cherish the graceful Torah for eternity
for inside it lies the delight of all Israel
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Respect thy parents, for thou shall live
long days on god's earth